CinemaVille 3: Paprika and the 2016 US Presidential Election

July 30, 2016

The Wonders in the Dark Sci-Fi countdown continues with Paprika, the last film directed by the late master Satoshi Kon. Checkerphil and I continue our conversation on anime, while I offer my thoughts on the current US Presidential race, recently officially given its belabored kickstart with the nomination of Trump and Hillary Clinton.


CinemaVille 2: Until the End of the World and Ghost in the Shell

July 26, 2016

Continuing the Wonders in the Dark Sci Fi countdown, this episode features an extended conversation on Mamoru Oshii's anime classic Ghost in the Shell with Checkerphill of New York television's Checkerboard Kids, as well as a short rumination on the overlooked gem Until the End of the World. How overlooked was it? So overlooked nobody at the site remembered to write anything about it for its spot on the countdown, including me, somebody who actually voted for it!


CinemaVille 1: Heaven’s Gate and The Phantom Menace

July 6, 2016

Episode 1 of CinemaVille, meet Star Wars, Episode 1! Today we tackle the first movie of the Prequel Trilogy as part of Wonders in the Dark's countdown of Science Fiction films, as well as pay tribute to the recently departed Michael Cimino, director of The Deer Hunter and Heaven's Gate.